Out and In

I'll try to get a new video updated later, but for now felt it was just time to ramble a bit about the code I'm running into with this project.

Output is in a good place right now.  I have a command box like old Commodore/Apple games used to have, I can feed to it, and text scrolls up and off the window.  I'm toying with adding a scroll bar, even though that is horribly not old school, it would be nice.  I also need to figure out how I'll do conversations.   Do I do them in the command box?  Do I give them their own window?   I haven't decided yet, but that's a bit down the road anyway.

Right now... oh right now... the issue is input.  Specifically input that requires a second key-press.

It should be very simple:  while(waitingForInput) { keep waiting until button pressed }

The problem is that doing this in a class not attached to an object seems to not receive any more button presses and the whole game locks up.  The code works, it just locks in a way that doesn't register that I've pressed any more keys.

So... I have to figure out a way to have the game pause and wait while a second input is coming, and then fire it off to the proper class for processing because Attack and Search both require directions, but do very different things with them.

That said,  I'm still happy with where it's going.  It's been a slow bit of development this last two weeks, but progress is being made.

Now, next month is the holiday season.  So I will either get a lot more, or a lot less done on this project over that time.  

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Semi-Update.  I'm currently working on the input again, and I'm seeing that Unity does not return what keys are being pressed, but you have to check if the key you want is being pressed.

This means that anything "waiting" for response has to be actively polling keys  rather than feeding it the key that's been pressed.

It seems subtle, but that does make the code trickier.