Thanks and progress

Let me start with a quick thanks to Weenstance from for helping me work through my block with how to handle commands in a semi-modular way.  I'm on to the next stage of things, and getting some more stuff put in place so that I can really flesh out the commands.  I'm not sure if I'll do an "every key is used" system like Ultima did, or if I'll try to keep commands and usage to a minimum.

My first task now that I'm over that hurdle is doors.  I have doors that block sight, but allow movement, however, I want to create doors that open, close, lock and unlock as needed.  First step will be 'open', and I've hit a small hurdle with those.  Since I have moment on an axis with positive and negative values, I'm limited in what I can poll for while waiting for input.  

How I wanted it was to do "O" for open, then a direction, and when you lift up on the key, the direction is chosen and you move.  But since you've let go of the key, the axis no longer has a direction being selected.

Doing this on when the key goes down causes the player to start moving through the open door right away.    I think I know how I'll solve this, but need to get some free time to give it a shot.  After that the trick will be to have a door that blocks light when closed, and has opening it reset the light values near by to peek through.  It should be fine.

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