On the subject of visibility...

The next part of the process won't have much that's 'visible' for users.  

What I'm going to do next is make it so that spells and commands (as well as items someday) will be ScriptableObjects within C#/Unity.  This will let me add in more commands, spells, etc without having to rewrite large portions of code, but it means up front I have to set up this kind of structure.

I do this within the text adventure (the 'game' that's available for download now) so I know I can do what I want to do, but it will be a grind to make it happen, and there will be a few 'gotcha' moments to sort out.  For example the template for the command/spell/etc will have to let the same data arguments pass into everything.  But movement and casting a spell and all that will have very different expectations.

So, first step will be just knowing that each scriptable object gets triggered from the appropriate keypress (or mouse click, there's been a request to have it mouse drivable, maybe joystick ala Questron).  

The downshot to doing all that work is that it visibly makes no difference to the end user.  It's a quality of life enhancement for me, that will also means more versatile comand inputs.

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